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Free Vehicle Finance

Want A Cheaper Finance For Your Vehicle? Try Secured Automobile
By Maria Smith

The usual modus operandi in most automobile purchases is as

Step 1: Recognize the urge for an automobile.
Step 2: Check the bank balances.
Step 3: Head for the purchase provided the second step gives a
positive result.
Step 4: If the second step gives a negative result, take an
automobile loan.

This will be rated as the most logical sequence of events by
most people unless they acknowledge the fact that they can save
hundreds of pounds by planning the automobile loan in a more
systematic manner.

Recognizing the need for an automobile:
The first step will always be to concede that there actually is
a need for a car or any other vehicle. The prices of vehicles
have heavily come down. But they still continue to be treated
as a luxury item. The desire to have a vehicle will always be
there. People wrongly try to push desires as a need. Need
emerges because of a difficulty being faced by the borrower.
Only if a need is recognized must one go to the second process.

Check for capability:
The automobile certainly would not come for free. One must have
the capability to repay the value of the vehicle purchased. Fat
bank balances are not always required. Taking a secured
automobile loan allows investment in more productive uses while
making you the proud owner of a vehicle.

There is no need to get disheartened if you do not fulfill the
qualifications. Every lender has a different lending policy.
Given the numerous lenders offering mortgages, your financial
condition is bound to match some or other lender’s products.

Stretching ones finances too much will lead to a breakdown in
the financial condition. The vehicle is not the only
expenditure on your part. There are many more expenditures to
be borne by the customer. If the sum invested in the vehicle
exceeds, the other expenditures will have to be curbed.
Alternately, this would have an adverse effect on savings.

Therefore, the amount of secured loan must be decided with
care. Once inside the showroom, almost every vehicle looks
good. But one must vote for the vehicle that most suits his

The loans process:
If you thought there is little to an automobile loan after
making the decision to take it, then you are wrong. You are
still halfway in the loans process. The implementation part is
still remaining.

The first step in the loans process will be finding a suitable
lender. Though there is a single lender who offers automobile
loan, it is difficult to find the lender from the crowd of
lenders. The various lenders chosen have to pass through
various stages of screening to prove that they can provide the
loan at the best of terms. Online search significantly
simplifies the process of search. No obligation loan quotes
offered by the lenders too are of great help in the search

Once the lender is selected, the negotiations on the loans
begin. Details of the loan like the term of repayment, interest
charged, actual cost of the loan, amount of monthly or quarterly
repayments etc. are to be decided in this stage. This is the
most important step because this will decide how the loan fares
in the long run.

The borrowers are advised to tread cautiously in this stage.
The terms and conditions of the lenders must be read carefully.
Particular attention must be given to clauses which rule out
early or premature repayment with a penalty. All queries
regarding the loan must be immediately clarified to prevent
problems from emerging in the future.

The days ahead….
Has the loans process sucked most of your energy? You can rest
now because the days ahead are a smoother ride. You finally get
the resources to purchase the vehicle of your choice. Secured
automobile loans give borrowers a better bargaining power.
Regular repayments to the automobile loan can further assure a
smoother future. Taking a loan protection can be helpful in
full and final settlement of the secured automobile loans.

About the Author: Maria Smith has not been writing articles
from the beginning. But the increase in perplexing loans
information has urged her to write on different loans types. To
find a Loans UK,secured loans,unsecured loans,Debt consolidation
at low interest that best suits your needs visit

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Free Vehicle Finance

Getting A Car Loan With Bad Credit
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=James_Copper]James Copper

Getting a car loan with bad credit does not have to mean a hassle or incredibly high monthly payments. You do not have to search for one of those high priced buy here, pay here lots. Even with bad credit you can get an affordable car loan. For a lot of people having a car is very important.

It is the only way they can to get where they need to go. When a borrower has bad credit, it can really put a strain on getting a car loan. It helps to know some pointers for securing a car loan with a bank that wont cost an outrageous amount.

The first thing to do when trying to secure a car loan when you have bad credit is to be honest. It is very important to tell dealers up front that you have bad credit. Also make it clear that you do want multiple credit inquires. When companies access your credit report it causes a drop in your credit score.

By having too many requests your credit could be damaged further, making it harder for you to get a car loan. If you are honest with dealers up front this should avoid too many inquires as they will only go through lenders that are open to bad credit lending.

The next thing you should do is have all your documentation ready. It is likely the bank will want all financial information from you about your income sources. You should have tax returns for the previous year, especially if you are self employed.

You should have two months worth of pay stubs. Try to have as much documentation as possible since this will show the bank you can afford the loan.

You also have to be reasonable. If you are wanting to buy a car with bad credit then it is highly unlikely you will be able to get anything brand new. You should look at something at least five years old. This way the cost will be cheaper and the loan smaller, so the bank will be more likely to approve the loan.

It helps to shop around, but as mentioned, do not let your credit report get checked too many times. Shop around and talk with dealers about whether they can help someone with bad credit.

This helps to know your credit score so you can be upfront and tell them exactly how bad your credit is. This way they should be able to say whether they can help or not. Additionally, shopping around helps because you will have more options in vehicles and prices.

Be prepared with a good down payment. If you have a trade in that helps, but you should also have a nice chunk of money to put down as well. Banks like to see borrowers put up some of their own cash towards the purchase.

Getting a car loan with bad credit is not going to be easy. You have to work a little harder then someone who has good credit. In the end, though, you should be able to find a loan.

You may not be able to get the car you wanted and you may have to settle for what you can get, but once you finish paying the loan you will have improved your credit and be very likely to be able to secure a different car loan with your good credit.

James Copper is a Finance Advisor with Any-Loans.co.uk - He helps people with bad credit find [http://www.any-loans.co.uk/blog/2007/04/car-loans.html]car loans and [http://www.any-loans.co.uk/bad-credit-loans.shtml]bad credit loans.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Free Vehicle Finance

Guaranteed Car Loans – Get Your Loan Asap
By Sarah Williams

If you want to get guaranteed car loans even with bad credit,
then scroll below for some pointers on how to avoid the credit
inquiring pitfall.

Guaranteed Car Loans: Get a copy of your credit report.

Purchasing a copy of your own credit report can help you get
guaranteed car loans. A lender can pre-approve you for a
guaranteed car loan by faxing him a copy of your current credit
report. If the first lender rejects your request, you can go
ahead and apply at different lenders until you find one that
accepts you.

Guaranteed Car Loans: One inquiry is better than two.

Before completing the guaranteed car loan process, the lender
would most likely perform a final perfunctory check on your
credit report. But that should be okay since it’s only going to
be one inquiring on your credit record instead of two or three.
Remember that the more credit inquiry you have, the greater the
chance that your credit rating will drop.

Guaranteed Car Loans: A purchase is not an inquiry.

When you purchase your own credit report, it won’t be
considered as an inquiry. So by doing this, you avoid adding
more damage to your credit. This is why in guaranteed car loans
it is always a good idea to know what your credit report is in
advance. What’s more, if you have your credit report before
applying for guaranteed car loans, you can check it for any

There are several online auto financing companies that can
provide you with guaranteed car loans. Below are some examples
of these and their guaranteed car loans programs.


Are you in the market for a car loan that is guaranteed even
with bad credit? If so, then you can go right ahead and visit
Alpha Car Loans. The site offers several guaranteed car loans
programs that are tailored to fit any customer with all types
of credit level. So even with a bad credit, poor credit, or not
credit, you can get guaranteed car loans at Alpha Car Loans.

Alpha Car Loans is one of the premier guaranteed car loans
dealer for used cars in the United Kingdom. At their website,
you can apply for guaranteed car loans, view the latest used
car stock quotes, and even order your car online.

Alpha Car Loans understand that not every car buyer has a
perfect credit record. They also know how difficult it is to
get guaranteed car loans with a less than perfect credit score.
Thus, they provide you with the best packages to solve your bad
credit car loan woes. With their guaranteed car loans plans,
they offer you up to 7,500 pounds to spend on one of their


Abacus Mortgage Loans has been providing guaranteed car loans
to their customers since 1998. Anyone can apply for their
guaranteed car loans programs. Whether you are an individual or
a small business with bad or unproven credit history, they have
programs to help you get finance for your car.

The minimum amount you can borrow on an Abacus mortgage loan is
$5,000.00. The maximum is $150,000.00.

About the Author: Learn how to eliminate speeding tickets @
http://www.eliminatespeedingtickets.com Feel free to reproduce
this article as long as there is an active hyperlink
accompanied with it.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Free Vehicle Finance

Commercial Vehicle Finance Loans
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=David_Riches]David Riches

Commercial vehicle finance loans are something that many businesses look into for a variety of reasons. Office based jobs will sometimes give company vehicles to particular employees as an added benefit. This is especially true if there is an outside sales staff or a need for the employees to make visits to clients outside of their base of operations. Instead of utilizing the employee’s personal vehicle and compensating for mileage, the company will supply a company vehicle and apply for commercial vehicle finance loans to stock the employees with company cars. This is sometimes better for the image of the company, can help keep costs down and assist with branding. Commercial vehicle finance loans are also used when purchasing vehicles for delivery of freight. Any business that deals with the shipping and delivery of wares should look into commercial vehicle finance loans.

A company with an upscale image may purchase vehicles for employees that portray a particular image. A commercial vehicle finance loan can help accommodate this need by allowing the company to purchase several high end vehicles for company use. Because maintenance and mileage on an employee’s individual car can be expensive, the company can regulate those costs by supplying a company vehicle. The commercial vehicle finance loan amount will be known and it will be easier to budget for that expense. Branding can also be used when purchasing cars through a commercial vehicle finance loan. Often vehicles are branded with the logo and a possible slogan so those who are traveling and see the vehicle will get brand recognition. The use of a commercial vehicle finance loan to purchase these types of vehicles will often help increase sales revenue by increased exposure to the brand name.

Commercial vehicle finance loans are very similar to personal loans. Often there is a need for a down payment and then monthly payments are made on the note for the total cost of the loan. The advantage of the commercial vehicle finance loan is that companies can make a larger loan with the assets as collateral. This way, larger items such as trucks can be purchased and many vehicles can be purchased at once. Commercial vehicle finance loans are available for outright purchases as well as leases. Commercial vehicle finance loans used for leasing vehicles are typically used by companies that want to keep newer vehicles and trade them in every few years. Using a commercial vehicle finance loan for sale or lease of vehicles to be used in business will help companies keep a set amount of money budgeted yet allow the company to have a fleet of cars or trucks at their disposal.

Commercial vehicle finance loans are available through private lenders, banks and dealerships. As with any loan, commercial vehicle finance loans should be researched to get the best deal. The finance officer of the company should sit down with bank officers at banks and lending institutions to understand what the terms of the commercial vehicle finance loan are and what the repayment options are before settling on one.

For more information and advice on this subject, please visit my [http://www.alphaleasing.co.uk]car leasing website at [http://www.alphaleasing.co.uk]http://www.alphaleasing.co.uk.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=David_Riches http://EzineArticles.com/?Commercial-Vehicle-Finance-Loans&id=288553

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Free Vehicle Finance

Take Instant Auto Loan Online And Get The Best Offers
By Peter Taylor

The world is quickly changing around us. The new technology is
the one responsible for that and nothing has escaped the grasp
of it. Everyone to compete in the current world needs to have
all the tools required to be a success.

The one thing in which the technology has made its mark more
than in any other sector is the automobile sector. The reason
for that is simple, as the autos in the case of many people
started as the luxuries are fast turning into their needs. With
the increase in competition to keep pace with all the
competitors there are a few things that are just indispensable
and autos are one of them.

But the fact remains that not everyone can buy autos from their
own pockets and therefore the person may harm his chances of
succeeding in his endeavors. Just to keep check on this kind of
thing the lenders have the instant auto loan online. This means
that a person of whichever credit background can apply for the
auto loans. Although, the terms offered will vary from person
to person keeping in mind the different requirements and credit
circumstances that each individual brings with him. The process
of applying for the instant online car loan begins like with
any other loan. The first step is that the customer evaluates
his needs and after weighing up his options applying to a

In the case of the Instant Online Auto Loan the lender would be
an online creditor, a creditor who specifically or generally
deals in auto loans. This would include the borrower filling up
his details as wanted by the lender. Once the details have been
fulfilled the loan decision is made in a quick time.

Applying on line is always been advisable by the experts in the
case of loans, especially car loans as the loans can provide
many other benefits which are always useful. Benefits such as:

• All the available car loan options i.e. both secured and
unsecured loan options are available.

• When applying online the borrower can find a borrower who
will be a perfect match for our auto loans.

• The loans online are approved quickly.

• The data of the borrower remains confidential and does not
get leaked.

• Depending upon the credit profile the borrower can choose his
option, as both the first hand as well as used car option is

There are other benefits of applying online which may come
forth when a person actually applies on line.

The reason for one applying for the instant auto loan online
may vary from person to person and his needs, but one thing
that has always remained constant is that these loans have
proved to be a boon and would continue to do so.

About the Author: Peter Taylor is a senior financial analyst at
Instant Auto Loan with an acumen for finance and insurance. To
find Bad credit instant auto loan, Cheap instant auto loan,
Instant auto loan in uk that best suits your need visit

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Free Vehicle Finance

Car Loan Estimator And Finance Resources
By Sarah Williams

Auto loan financing is easy but it is not without its risks.
There are too many variables involved. Plus, it involves a big
amount of money. What if your monthly income won’t be enough to
cover the payments? What if your expenses suddenly go up and now
you don’t have enough money to pay for your interest? What if…?

To counteract these risks, you need a tool to help you
calculate beforehand the amount of money involved. Car loan
payment estimators can estimate what your monthly payments
would be, how much you have to make in order to pay for your
auto loan, and how much you can afford to borrow.

There are many websites that offer car loan estimators as a
free service. Below are some great places where you can get
these car loan estimators and start solving your way to get
financing for a vehicle.

AutoSite.com – Car Loan Estimator

AutoSite. com is an online auto financing agency that offers a
free car loan estimator. Their car loan estimator has a dual
function. It can calculate auto loans and leases and even
compare the rates of both to see which one is better. To start
using this car loan estimator available at http://AutoSite.com,
simply fill in the necessary information in the required fields.

If you only want to calculate the loan payments, fill up the
left side of the car loan estimator and then press the
‘Calculate Loan’ button. You can do the same thing for
calculating the lease but instead of filling up the left side,
enter your information into the fields to the right and click
the ‘Calculate Lease’ button.

If you want to compare a car loan vs. a car lease using this
car loan estimator, enter the following information: negotiated
vehicle price, suggested vehicle MSRP, interest rate, loan term,
lease term, money factor, and estimated residual value. After
you’ve provided those pieces of data, click on the ‘Compare
Loan vs. Lease’ button and view the results on the next page.

AutoWorld.comCar Loan Estimator

Another great place to look for a car loan estimator is
http://AutoWorld.com. This site features a car loan estimator
that is simple and easy-to-use. The car loan estimator
available at http://AutoWorld.com can help you determine what
your monthly payments would be.

For example, you borrow $50,000.00 on a car at 2.7% APR for 24
months. By entering the data to the car loan estimator, the
monthly payment field will automatically populate the figure,
which is $2,142.43. The calculations shown do not include
charges such as tax, title, license fees, et cetera.

AutoNetFinancial .com – Car Loan Estimator

AutoNetFinancial. com features two types of car loan
estimators. The first car loan estimator is a quick loan
qualifier. This car loan estimator will give you a general idea
of the monthly loan payment you will qualify for to buy a car.
To start the estimate, key in the following pieces of
information: average gross monthly wage, other verifiable
income, co-buyer’s average gross monthly wage (if applicable),
and other expenses, such as installment loans, rent, and any
other fixed monthly payments. Click on the ‘Calculate’ button
and this car loan estimator will give you the monthly payment
figure that you can use as basis when you’re looking to buy a
new car.

About the Author: Learn how to eliminate speeding tickets @
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accompanied with it.

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Free Vehicle Finance

Take Hurdle Free Easy Finance On Opting For Bad Credit Tenant Loan UK
By Peter Taylor

Bad credit is no more taken as a sin when such a borrower goes shopping for a loan though terms and condition are a little tough. Especially if the borrower happens to be a tenant, not owning any property worth taking loan against, meeting expenses becomes all the more difficult. If labeled bad credit, tenants can take refuge in bad credit tenant loan UK. Tenants can make use of bad credit tenant loan UK for different purposes like buying vehicle, paying for medical bills, going to a holiday tour etc. The loan can be availed by homeowners also if they do not want to risk property for fear of its repossession. Students and people living with parents are equally eligible for the loan.

Tenant is tagged bad credit because of payment defaults from his or her end and faced County Court Judgments and bankruptcy. On FICO credit score scale ranging from 300 to 850, credit score of bad credit tenant is either 580 or below which is considered as risky for offering loan.

However, despite bad credit, tenants get bad credit tenant loan UK in easy manner. Tenant should convince the lender that the loan will be paid back in time. To do so, tenant should produce proof of employment or source of regular income. This to some extent assures about safe return of the loan. No collateral is required to be offered to lender for securing the loan.

Tenant can borrow bad credit tenant loan UK anywhere in the range of £1000 to £25000 which is generally sufficient for meeting different expenses. The loan is usually given for smaller duration ranging from 6 months to 2 years. Interest rate is kept higher but it should not discourage tenant as the loan is paid off within months and the interest rate burden is not felt much. The loan is approved quickly as time wasted in collateral evaluating is saved.

It is beneficial to apply for the loan online. Number of lenders offers bad credit tenant loan UK packages in response to the loan application. Do not forget to compare them for lower interest rate and better terms-conditions. Online lenders charge no fee for processing application and give related details free.

Bad credit tenant loan UK thus is perfect option for tenant suffering from bad credit. The loan goes long way in improving credit score of tenant besides meeting necessary expenses. Pay off monthly installments in time to avoid incurring debt again.

Peter Taylor is a senior financial analyst at BestTenantsLoanUK with an acumen for finance and insurance. In recent years he has taken up to provide independent financial advice through his informative articles. His articles are widely read because of the lucid manner of writing and thoroughly researched datas. To find Bad credit tenant loan UK, Unsecured tenant loans, Personal tenant loans, UK best tenant loans, secured tenant loans UK that best suits your need visit http://www.besttenantloansuk.co.uk

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