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New Vehicle Loan with No Credit History
By []Carrie Reeder

A new vehicle loan is one way to start your credit history. If you have no credit history, then rates will be slightly higher for your first car loan. But through smart shopping and some financing tips, you can save yourself some money.

Finding Financing

You can find vehicle financing through a number of sources. Dealerships have the highest costing loans since their overhead is higher. For better rates, look to outside lenders, such as banks or financing companies.

The internet can help you with your vehicle loan shopping. Broker sites make this easy by connecting you to a number of lenders who will provide rate quotes. By entering some basic information, you can get a general idea of market rates for your credit score.

You can also opt to get pre-approved for your vehicle loan. By doing this you will know the maximum you can qualify to borrow. You also have the choice of terms which can affect your rates. For instance, buying a used car will slightly increase your rates.

Lowering Your Rates

To further lower your rates, get a co-signer. While this isn’t a necessity, a co-signer with a good credit score can help you qualify for much better rates. Just be sure that both parties are clear on the obligations. In some states, missing just one payment allows the lending company to collect payment from the co-signer without notice.

A large down payment will also qualify you for lower rates. 20% is a general rule of thumb, but larger amounts may improve your rates even more. Even if you don’t get an interest reduction, you will still save on interest charges.

Planning To Refinance

A vehicle loan is a secure loan, which will help you improve your credit score. Making regular payments will show lenders you can handle debt. The better credit habits you have, the better rates you can get. In a couple of years, you may find you have good credit standing.

When this happens, plan on refinancing your car loan, especially if you didn’t have a co-signer. While you can’t predict market rates, improvements in your own credit score will usually qualify you for lower rates.

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