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You Can Refinance Your Motor Vehicle Loan
By []Mary Wise

Refinancing is an excellent option for escaping the high financial pressure that motor vehicle loan installments can imply. Thus, if you fear that you won’t be able to afford the monthly payments or that too many sacrifices must be made in order to do so, you should consider motor vehicle loan refinancing as a viable option to solve this problem.

Refinancing: The Concept

The concept of refinancing a loan is a very simple one. It basically consists on taking a loan in order to repay an outstanding loan. The new loan must feature different loan terms that in one way or another must provide advantages for the borrower. These advantages can be varied and not always consist on savings. In this case for example, the overall cost of the loan may be higher but the monthly payments will be lower so as to make the loan more affordable.

The money obtained from the new loan is used to fully cancel the previous loan and thus, the relation between the borrower and the first lender is extinguished. It is always possible to refinance with the same lender but it is highly unlikely. It is common however, to renegotiate the loan terms which is a form of refinancing but it seldom happens when the borrower is still repaying the loan as it usually happens only when negotiation is forced through a default on the loan repayment.

Usually when you take a new motor vehicle loan to refinance a previous one, the loan terms are not significantly modified. Chances are that you’ll have to agree on higher interests but lower payments by means of extending the []loan repayment program. The new loan will be secured on the same vehicle as the previous loan will be canceled.

A Refinance Alternative

However, if you really want to benefit from refinancing and you have sufficient equity on your home, you can request a home equity loan instead of a motor vehicle loan. Home equity loans come with more advantageous loan terms and thus you won’t only be able to obtain more affordable payments but you’ll also be able to get further benefits.

Home equity loans come with lower interest rates, lower monthly payments, higher loan amounts, longer repayment programs, fewer fees, less insurance costs, etc. This implies that financing through home equity is in the long run a lot cheaper than resorting to other loan options and thus, by using a home equity loan, you can save thousands of dollars over the whole life of the loan.

With the money obtained from the home equity loan you can cancel the motor vehicle loan and any other debts that you may have. Thus, you could end up with a single and more affordable monthly payment that will bring a lot of ease to your financial life.


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