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All About Vehicle Financing
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Imran_K_Khan]Imran K Khan

The cost of new vehicle has gone up to £20,000 and the best option is to finance a part of the cost from the leading banks or financers. You will find a number of financers or banks at your doorstep ready to finance your vehicles perhaps you have a good credit report. These financers or bank may charge different interest rate and therefore you should be cautious while selecting a particular bank or financer through your dealership for your vehicle financing.

You should carry out a little calculation and should get the best option of vehicle financing. All the banks and financers provide you rate or monthly installment for your loan for the vehicle and thus you can get a fair idea. Although all the dealership has finance and insurance department to deal your finance and insurance at the same shop, even then a rate idea will give you better opportunity to understand the financial terms offered by dealership.

Once you decide to finance your vehicle from a specific creditor, you will be asked to fill up a form by your dealer. The detailed information such as your name, social security number, your present and past employer, your monthly gross income, your present and past address etc may be asked. Your vehicle financer will obtain a copy of your credit report and forward your application on the basis of your detailed credit report.

Your dealer approaches to few banks for approval of finance on the basis of your credit reports. These potential financial companies evaluate your application and on the basis of a credit rating either accepts or rejects your application. In some of the cases a co-signer or guarantees is required to sign your application if a minor deficiency is in your credit report. These financers or banks do not deal directly with the vehicle purchaser and takes their decision on the basis on credit report submitted to them, and other terms and conditions including the finance required. On the basis of the credit ratings obtained on your credit history, the banks or financers offers a buy rate (interest rate) for you through the dealer and if you accepts this rate you are done with your vehicle financing.

You should not only negotiate the vehicle price but you should also ask a rebate and discount from your dealer. There is a huge margin for the dealer and your dealer may offer you some rebate or discount; however it differs from model to model.

There are several type of vehicle financing options are available to you including fixed rate financing and variable rate financing. There are various factors that determine your annual percentage rate or APR and these are your credit report history and your financial condition, market conditions and current financial rate. You can also negotiate about your annual percentage rate (APR) with the dealer at any time during vehicle financing but before purchase of vehicle.

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