Monday, July 9, 2007

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Instant Car Loans – Benefits Of Car Loans Online
By Carrie Reeder

In a hurry to get approved for a car loan or just don’t have
the time to schedule a visit to the bank? Instant car loans
have become popular as more people are doing their loan
research online. The more you know about applying for a car
loan and what rates to expect, the better prepared you will be
in choosing a lender.

Many customers prefer online car loans because they are quick
and convenient. After comparing loan rates in the comfort of
your home, you can often be approved by the lender of your
choice that same business day. Some lenders can even approve
the loan within an hour or two. If you need a car but have
little time to shop, an online car loan is right for you.

Interest Rates

Online lenders are well known for their low interest rates.
Like home loans, you can apply for an auto loan and receive the
rates of different lenders. This makes it much easier to compare
different lenders without having to contact several companies.

By applying for an instant car loan online, both the customer
and the company benefit. The customer will most often receive
rates that are lower than those offered at their bank or local
credit union. There is no charge for filing an application
online. There should be no surprise hidden fees or costs
involved. The lending company will save time and money by being
able to complete the application quicker and with much less
assistance required.

Lenders are able to process online applications at a much
cheaper rate than an application filed in person. It takes
fewer employees and less time to process online applications.
The savings from the lending company are then passed on to the

After you have been approved for an auto loan online, your loan
interest rate will usually be locked in for a period of at least
thirty days. At any time during the lock in period, you can take
you bank draft or check to the car dealership to make a
purchase. Even if you are uncertain about what type of car to
purchase, it cannot hurt to get pre-approved. Your bank draft
should be honored at any car dealership thus allowing you to
further compare prices.

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